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On July 4, 1999, one man's determination to change the way advertising services were being delivered, gave birth to World Communications. Over the last 15 Years, this man – Shahid Ghuman – and his dedicated team has revolutionized the industry itself and started production of international newspapers. Branded as one of the most innovative advertising agencies in the country, Interflow has built and re-built brands, raised the bar on solution delivery and brought the spirit of custodianship to life over and over again.

About World Comminations

For almost 15 years, World Communications has been one of the pioneers of marketing communication services in Pakistan. With offices in Gujranwala, Athens Greece, Dubai and Saint Petersburg Russia.

World Communications is a registered taxpayer firm which is providing the media services like newspaper making, web designing and Advertising, Event Management, Audio / Video Productions facilities. The greatness of our firm is providing better services at low cost. You can contact us for media consultancy anywhere in the world. World Communications always believes on client sanctification.
World Communications has an excellent expert on Documentary making, Commercial Production, Tele Film Production, 2D and 3D animation, complete animated movies, Video Song making. World Communications also working in government sector, and have also very corporate and big clients in Pakistan and in foreign private sector. World Communications has maintained good credibility in Electronic Media, and also organizing Mega Showbiz events, Debates, workshops, seminars. World Communications is also providing internships to the new but talented persons in the field of Media. The Gurus of World Communications are always ready to face professional difficulties.
World Communications has professional team in all fields. For the branding of your product we can give you time slot on TV channels, FM radios, News papers, Outdoor media sites with un-beatable rates.
We are working with the slogan
" We shape your Dreams, We telecast your thoughts, We Produce your ideas".