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Advertising & Marketing

World Communications build advertisements both for Private & government sector. We provide commercials/advertisements for TV, Radio, Cable TV, FM Radio, Newspapers and for Web Sites in a very low rate.

Electronic Media
Television (National and International all TV Channels), Cable Channels, FM Radio, Websites (Web Designing is not an easy job, Giving a professional design, corporate look and ideological touch is not business of every web designing company. World Communications design websites to shape your job description worldwide).

World Communications is an advertising Agency having the accreditation with several TV Channels, Collaboration and Affiliation with FM Radio Stations in Pakistan and also in abroad.
World Communications provides un-beatable rates for time space, slots, even for the hour purchasing in a very affordable rates. This is the reason that multinational companies, government and semi government productions ask and share their campaign for the rate pitch.


Print Media
Magazine, Newspapers (All National Newspapers and International Newspapers of USA, Cananda, UAE, UK, Spain, Greece, Hong Kong, Russia, Ireland, Norway etc.

Outdoor Media
Billboards, Hanger Pena Flex

Audio Video Releasing
World Communications providesfacility to their customer in releasing audio-video albums in all over Pakistan, and also in 6 other major countries especially where urdu-hindi-punjabi-russian communities resides.
World Communications have their separate department with experts, to help the customer in Audio-video release service.  "World Communications Production" releases:

  • Audio Album
  • Video Album
  • Drama (Series, Serial, Solo)
  • Tele-Film
  • Feature Film
  • Documentary
  • Islamic Program (speech, Qawali, Na'at, Kalaam)
  • Food Programs

World Communications do not compromise in quality and have best available quality than any other company has. We provide:

  • White Original CD
  • Printed and designed CD Case.
  • Big Size Posters
  • Small Posters